Friday, January 17, 2020

Hi, I'm Windy Pierre

I'm a studious and dedicated eCommerce and Digital Marketing Professional.

That develops and implements digital marketing strategies for organizations, ensuring their messages, products and services reach all the right targets. Utilizes my experience in eCommerce, web design, social media, advertising, management, and marketing to convey positive and consistent brand imaging that drives conversions on a global scale.

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E-Commerce Marketing for Woocommerce

Resources and strategies to build a brand and generate sales. IF YOU BUILD IT!  THEY WON’T COME! YOU HAVE TO GO OUT AND BUILD A BRAND AND...

What does Omni-Channel mean?

Omni-Channel has been the buzz word in brick-and-mortar and e-commerce. For the past two and half years. So what is Omni-Channel? it's not facebooking or a...

Website that you don’t think were search engine

When everyone thinks of search engine the first one that comes to mind is Google. Sorry, Yahoo and Bing! 🙁  Some many other sites also...

What’s email automation ?

         We all receive emails from companies on a daily basis. They may be promotion, statements, newsletters and sometimes it is...
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