Website that you don’t think were search engine

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When everyone thinks of search engine the first one that comes to mind is Google. Sorry, Yahoo and Bing! 🙁 

Some many other sites also search engine.

Here are four sites that you don’t know are search engines a list in order of rankings (on May 9, 2017): #2 – User-submitted videos with a rating, comments, and contests. Many people use youtube for research and how to videos. Similar to Google’s search feature Youtube. It will only show you relevant to your search. Youtube video also show up in google search results. #3 – is the most significant social media site in the world. Now you can look up old friends, make new friends, shop, look for a job and more. with the A9 #5  – is a search engine for products. With amazon A9 technology it’s pretty much searching for the outcome of this to you. #8 –  is the microblogging site where everyone is talking about what’s going on. It’s also a search engine research what are people talking about currently.


More of the modernized sites that we use are becoming more like search engines. Their providing more results for users daily questions.

What are other websites you feel are more like a search engine?

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