What amazon’s A9?

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A9 is Amazon’s search engine. Amazon is the top online retailer in the world right now ( June 7, 2019).  The A9 algorithm is so complex, but yet so simple at the same time.

The work of Amazon’s A9 starts from the time you land on the website before you start typing your products name as you start typing the first letter. Amazon’s A9 I will start making suggestions and show you a comprehensive set of search results.


It has become the standard for product recommendation in the online retailing industry.

Amazon uses product information & consumer interaction to power the components of its A9 algorithm.

The days of Brands & Seller just throwing a product on Amazon Stuffing it with attractive keywords are over. With Amazon A9 algorithm, you need to build a brand, and a product customer is going to proud to recommend.

Five tips to rank on Amazon A9:

  1. All about Branding
  2. Higher Resolution Images & Video
  3. A-Plus pages
  4. Content
  5. Send traffic to your products page

Share some more tips with me in the comments.


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