A WordPress Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Hosting for your Website

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So you just started your WordPress site, but have no idea which web host you should use.

Well, the options are plenty of web hosting services run into the thousands, but with so many options, how do you choose one that works best for you and your WordPress website.

If you have a new WordPress site or running one and you are not happy with the hosting capacity, this article is for you. We are currently on Kinsta and believe it or not; I spend $128 every month on two separate accounts for a total of 11 WordPress websites.

Several factors affect the sustainability of a web hosting service but so that you know it is not one size fits all. A web host for my website will most definitely not work for you, and if you are just beginning a website with a new domain name, the cost and strength of the hardware will confuse you, but there are factors to consider when choosing the right host, but let’s understand what your website requires first.

What does your WordPress Website entail?


Certain things come to mind such as

  • What is the traffic level on your site?
  • What’s your growth vision for the future?
  • Are you in need of a scalable web host provider?
  • Your answer on scalability depends on the solution you give for the above questions?
  • Are you looking for a friendly developer web hosting service?

How much support structure your need as you grow?

  • How much fund is allocated for web hosting? The following questions must get an affirmative response to enable you to pick the right web host for your site. Characteristics that a good web host must possess.

Speed and Performance


The overall performance of your website depends on the quality of the hardware – the RAM, CPU, HDDs & SSDs (disk space) provided by your host.

Each component listed above plays a crucial role in how your website’s performance. For example, if your contents are viral and traffic is high on your site; you need a large RAM and CPU capacity to make up for the traffic which a low-cost hosting plan will not provide for you. However, deciding to go for cheap will reduce the speed, performance, and cause traffic to drop on your site.

We are not saying disc space –HDDs and SSDs aren’t essential but what use is space which most hosts provide to the speed and performance of your site. So if the load on your website is affecting the speed and performance on your site, it is time to upgrade your hosting plan.

You can check this information from your host’s dashboard on your system.



No matter how smooth a web hosting service is or how much knowledge of WordPress you have, there are times glitches and problems beyond your understanding arise. Although most web providers provide some support, ensure you know how helpful they are before you pay for anyone. The best are those with a quick turnaround time after a complaint is made.

UP Time

The uptime of your web hosting provider is very crucial. Even though most hosting services are not less than 99 percent, a significant change can affect the reliability of your site. So if the uptime affects your site performance, change the web hosting now.


Other features you need from your web host are:

  • Offsite Backup & Recovery – your web host provider should be able to restore all your information and data if you suffer data loss due to computer malfunction or hackers.
  • Caching – this helps your system works faster, while there are two types of caching, having gone from the server side will help your website a whole lot
  • GIT version control – these are mostly for developers
  • Built-on CDNs – this is optional, but if you decide to go for it, then Cloudflare is one of the best, and it’s free to start.
  • Security features – the number of times their system have been hack is a good indicator of how secure they are.
  • Datacenter location – the closer it is your visitors, the better for your website.

The following must be put into consideration before you choose the right web hosting provider.

Types of hosting and which is the right one for your website

To manage your site successfully on WordPress, there are four types of hosting services to choose from

  • Shared hosting
  • Managed Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting, while all are expensive, some hosting is better than others.

WordPress comes with free hosting for the newbie site owners, but it isn’t reliable as the hosting services listed above. If you have a passion for developing your website, then stay away from free hosting.

Shared Hosting


While this is not the best for websites that enjoy large traffic; the price, less configurability, and inflexibility are a plus until you realize that you share power, memory and disk space with hundreds of other website owners.

Shared hosting is suitable for small sites with less traffic, but for large traffic sites, it can be risky as too many sites make the server slow, and in the worst case, the server crashes when the limits are exceeded. To compensate for a shared hosting such provider attracted customers by offering them large storage spaces.

Although, for a beginner, this is an excellent web hosting plan to start with until your website gains visibility and traffic.

Managed WordPress Hosting


Well if computer language is not your thing, then managed WP hosting is the right way to go. With this hosting plan, the hosting provider does all the technicalities while you focus on building an amazing and informative website.

When you are using a managed WP hosting, the company handles the optimization, caches your sites regularly, discovers and fix loopholes, run security checks, updates and back up your website and offer full data restoration if you are hacked or lose data.

All this is good; they are scalable, accountable with zero downtime but a tad expensive, but it gives you time to grow your passion.

Dedicated Hosting


This is a server that serves your website and gives you full authority and access to the server’s memory, RAM, and disk space. With a dedicated server, you are sure of controlled speed and performance, but it is expensive and not the right choice for beginner sites with low traffic.

Virtual Private Server Hosting


As the name suggests, the VPS hosting, you are allocated a portion of the server that will cater to your needs. This means you get a certain designated amount of disk space, processing power, and RAM.

You have the power to modify each of the components to suit your website’s need, but it also needs a lot of technical/computer language. On the flip side, VPS hosting is flexible, scalable, and you only pay for what your website uses.

Furthermore, you can be sure that the speed and performance will not be a problem as long as your server has resources on it.

Our Recommendation

If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur, blogger, or looking to create a commercial website or one for a small business, the best web hosting for you is the Managed WordPress Hosting.

As mentioned above, this hosting choice allows you to concentrate on developing yourself and the site while the hosting company handles the technicalities for you.

Best Hosting company for Managed WordPress Hosting

Liquid Web

They are the pioneer and the best company providing Managed WP hosting for the website and making it possible for newbie WordPress account owners to create and run an amazing website.

This hosting company has a built-in Cache system, which makes it great because their structural system is designed to fit like a glove into WordPress architecture, making it scalable and powerful enough to handle traffic without buckling under pressure.

Pros of the Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Offers excellent customer support all day and every day
  • Handles all the technicalities for you such as regular backups, malware checks, easy restoration options
  • Enables CDNs for super faster content loading
  • Improved security systems with firewall and SSL on all websites
  • Large staging area to test your content before posting
  • You have the option of a server choice in US Central Servers (Michigan) or
    EU Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  • The price is a mere $29

Overall Assessment

Managed WP hosting is the best for a newbie who wants to build their career on WordPress, generate income and traffic.

Below are the pricing table and the choices to suit your website and purpose


Managed WordPress Hosting is the best plan that will allow you to grow your WordPress site with no extra charges.



Final verdict

You can go for other hosting services online, but the one shared in this article are the best.

They are great in allowing your pay more attention to developing your website, pulling in traffic, and generating revenue along the way.

However, like any other hosting site, if you discover the performance is lagging or it takes time to load, switch to a better plan immediately.

Share your thoughts with us when you finally create your first new WordPress site.

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