How to select the best hosting company for your business?

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“Best Web Hosting May Not Be the Right Host,”

that is the key that every business needs to know who is seeking web hosting services. The stakes related to the right presence on the internet are high for a business. The creation of a website increases the visibility of the company. This one has the opportunity to attract new prospects. Companies can also improve their communication through their site. Specific information can be provided on the nature of their offers for products. More and more consumers make their purchase via the net. For all these reasons, it is essential to choose the hosting solution for your website.

Using free hosting websites to host an e-commerce site is a nightmare. Your business would not get the professional attention and be treated as a waste of time as well as utilization of resources. Free hosting services will also lead to having few or limited access features that are vulnerable to the smooth running of the business in the online arena. Most of the companies which plan to go online always assume disk space as the only significant feature in the hosting which is not correct still. Having a lot of space may be useful for a typical web page but not for the online businesses.

Businesses, while availing the services of hosting companies, always look at some critical parameters as:

Step 1: Think of having clear and concrete requirements

You need to make a list with possible features and functions of all your requirements which you want to avail from the host service provider for putting the business over the internet.

The file may contain the following:


    • Disk space
      • The most crucial need is the disk space requirement, which depends on multiple factors like frequency of online operations, remote services, emails, instant messages, and backup requirements. For example, if you are availing the services for your corporate website where you have showcased your products and services. Your average daily emails usage is ten emails in normal working while more than expected in extreme operation. Two GB cloud space might be enough for the first year of your business as requirements might be around 50 to 100 MB. Your company might need further 100 MB in case you integrate a blog for promoting the business. 1800 MB would be left to manage emails (i.e., 180 MB for each email) which is quite enough if size varies for each email.
    • Transferring on Monthly Basis (Broadband/Bandwidth requirement)
      • Monthly transfer guides the business owners the need for broadband, which they require to transfer the information from hosting machine to PCs of visitors. A certain amount is assigned, which can be changed or an exclusive one in case of dedicated services. Users would not be able to view, send, or receive information packets in case the allocated limit crosses. So, being a business owner, you must be very clear the requirements of broadband to avoid such inconvenience happening.
    • Frequency of business posts
      • Business posts continue to increase with the growth of it. Therefore, you should focus on the expected flow of emails yearly rather than one or up to four emails. This will provide backup when the actual time would come to create emails hassle free.

Step 2: Select the hosting which coherent with your business

    • The tone or way of provisioning the services of hosting company (i.e., Liquid Web) should be logical with your business requirement. In other words, both go the same way with a similar tone. Your hosting would be prudent and efficient enough to handle troubles when your business in online system encounters. There should be a minimum lead time to resolve the issue. If hosting speaks the same language as your business do, then such questions would either be addressed quickly or never recurring.

Step 3: Review and have a better look on contact forms being offered

    • Searching and selecting the best hosting provider laid down the ways contact with them such as email, phone numbers, contact forms, supporting the ticket system or better to have social networks access, etc. The response rate and multiple ways of communicating with hosting providers will be more attractive for the businesses which are seeking the services.

Step 4: Technical support


    • Rapid feedback with multiple support types and 24/7/365 (i.e., Liquid Web) would be an added advantage for the businesses to quickly contact and get quick resolving of their online web issues. Excellent technical support is key to good hosting as they are the ones who will be more responsible and competent to solve the problems of your online business web pages.

Step 5: Security/Privacy

    • Security or privacy with compliance of international and national internet business laws are becoming critical for business success in the click-n-mortar. You should seek the services of those which provide added facilities such as antivirus, firewall, and malware protection with a consistent upgraded platform. Besides, you should avail the services of web host with the most significant possible security.

Step 6: Hosting packages and pricing

    • Whether you are a small, medium or large business owner or part of any of such business, you should not just focus on the services and reputation of the web hosting providers but also have a look on their pricing and packages by comparing with the competitors. Price would always remain a crucial factor to find out the quality of hosting with specified services.

Step 7: Payment cycle

    • Lots of web host companies nowadays have multiple plans with different payment cycles. Some charge you monthly, some charge annually while there are many which provide both payment cycles. As the business continues with the assumption of going concerned and has a long term orientation, you should go with annual plans which are cost-effective too if you compare them with a monthly plan of the same services by the host. However, if you are at the start-up stage with the intention to less investment and less exposure, then a monthly plan initially would be great to begin the journey which can be converted to yearly if the business grows and you are satisfied with the services of the host.

Step 8: Services vs. human value

    • Being human, you should not forget that we are all people who communicate with each other. Web host providers must ensure friendly and proximity with the clients, which makes them feel as exclusive rather than dealing just with numbers which often observed with business growth or with a more substantial customer base. Being a client, you will feel the essence of human values and respect while seeking the right host services for your business. What makes striving of the business opportunities with a high level of satisfaction at both ends.
      After exploring the steps as mentioned above, we are now able to describe that we should not buy any hosting which is tagged as best but to seek and buy the right hosting for the business.

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