How Liquid web is changing web hosting?

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Liquid Web Hosting

Liquid Web is a high-end web hosting service known for its flexibility and variety. With around 30,000 customers worldwide, the host has spent the last 20 years and has built its specialized web hosting empire.

Liquid Web’s feature-rich and flexible subscriptions make it stand out from the competition. Also, the customization offered by these subscriptions, almost instantaneous charging times, and extremely reliable availability make Liquid Web one of the best choices for small medium and large business entities.

Why Liquid Web:


  • To provide help and assistance when you need it with the help of a competent support team available year-round, 24/7/356, instant messaging, phone, and email.
  • Ensure your customers’ satisfaction and sales performance through incredibly fast charging times and near nil service interruptions.
  • Make security a priority using a Cloudflare CDN, protection against DDoS attacks, and built-in firewalls.
  • Migrate and develop quickly with the help of customer service experts.
  • Create great WordPress websites with the test site and automatic WordPress maintenance.
  • Deploy custom Liquid Web server clusters to meet complex hosting needs.        Services, Security & Pricing
  • Liquid Web offers a wide range of subscriptions that address a wide variety of business and web-specific needs. The basic managed WooCommerce offering, a beginner starts at $29 a month and includes several essentials for e-commerce, such as Beaver Builder drag-and-drop website builder, SSL certificates, cloud VPS hosting, and mobile optimization.
  • Each WooCommerce subscription also includes simple promotion planning tools and Jilt’s abandoned baskets solution best with $39 per month. The host’s WordPress offers to start with an essential $29 monthly subscription, which includes trial sites, automatic daily backups, and a set of development tools.


  • Cloud VPS subscriptions start at $29 per month and offer developers a plethora of customization options, including cPanel or Plesk Onyx control panels and root access in addition to robust features of security. Reselling is also an added service that Liquid Web provides to its customers who want to become resellers. Such customers would receive free tools and revenue-based discounts. On-demand cloud dedicated services can also be availed just at $159 per month.
    • Liquid Web also provides the most straightforward way to manage and host multiple websites without any prior server knowledge requirements by just $150 per month. Developers can take advantage of features like root access, free Git and SSH repositories to fully customize the background of their activity, and cPanel or Plesk control panels Onyx.

The vital point about pricing is that while Liquid Web remains an undoubtedly exclusive hosting solution, companies that can afford it receive many benefits in return. An abundance of features, optimal security, and an expert support team is well worth the investment, and customers who opt for managed subscriptions leave their background in expert hands.

Liquid Web hosting services are effortless to use. While highly skilled newcomers can fully benefit from Liquid Web’s managed solutions, their products are more geared explicitly to medium and more enormous sized companies with more advanced web needs. Nevertheless, Beaver Builder’s intuitive website builder, automatic daily backups, and commercial updates provided by WordPress subscriptions can allow neophytes to run their business without worrying behind the scenes of their website.

With many sites to administer and higher web traffic, medium and large companies can gain even more insight into the simplicity of using the more advanced features of Liquid Web.

Reliability and Consistency


  • In terms of loading and reliability, Liquid Web behaves admirably in terms of availability. Host’s availability is consistently over 99.9%, doing Liquid Web a highly reliable web hosting service that is one step ahead of the industry average of 99.4%. Liquid Web’s loading time is around 500ms and sometimes dropped below 400ms. Liquid Web charges its luxury services, and you will be hard-pressed to find more reliable availability and almost instant loading times elsewhere.

Customer Support

  • Technical support with more fabulous customer satisfaction is available at Liquid Web, which is certified by the best customer service on the web. The response times on the three support channels offered (phone, instant messaging and email) are systematically lower than the guaranteed time, and often less than a minute. Every agent speaks friendly, knowledgeable, and able to respond quickly to most of the business problems.
    Liquid Web is unique in its attention to detail and personalization. If you cannot find all the features you want or if you’re looking for a more complex hosting solution, you can work with Liquid Web’s developers to create the background of your dreams.

So, what are you waiting for contacting Liquid Web to grab the world’s best web hosting services for your business!

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